How It Works:

Finder's Fees
Our referral program allows you to benefit financially from any person placed as the direct result of your assistance. Our finder's fees range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the level of placement.

Time Frames
You will receive a finder's fee if a candidate you referred is placed with any of our clients within 1 year of initial resume submission. After which time, no fee is earned and no repeat referrals of the same candidate are honored.

You can remain confidential. However, we've experienced more positive outcomes if the candidate being referred knows the source of that referral. We keep all searches completely confidential and practice utmost discretion.

All finder's fees are paid on the 91st day of referred candidate's employment with our client. You will be paid as an independednt contrator with no taxes taken out

No finder's fee is earned if any of the folowing apply:

  • We have the candidate's resume on file
  • Our clients have the candidate's resume on file
  • Received same referral previously from elsewhere
  • Candidate's empolyment ends within 90-days of starting

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